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The risk consulting of the Funk Gruppe deals with the analysis and evaluation of operational respectively personal risks (risk inventory), proposals for individual security solutions as well as for a risk transfer concept which complies with the requirements.
Risk Management is on everyone’s lips and has been for more than 10 years as relevant analyses evidence. The reasons for this are manifold. Apart from further increasing formal obligations (e. g. under KonTraG, TransPuG, Corporate Governance, EURO-SOX etc.) and the associated compliance discussion but increasingly also economic reasons play a role.
Risk Management as instrument shall secure success potentials, improve the quality of the planning in the company thus finally creating an additional company value. The risk man-agement system has to ensure that risks are identified at an early stage and assessed regu-larly.
The benefit for a company shall be based on the following results:
  • transparency regarding the risk situation
  • strategic foresight and crisis prevention
  • identification and release of cost potentials (e. g. by networking of risk and insurance management) as well as the possibility to balance the expected income against the risks incurred in case of business decisions
Risk Management has to be noticed as integral and central part of every entrepreneurial spirit. In this respect it is no formal system but the basic attitude of any entrepreneurial thinking.
An innovative, systematic and comprehensive approach for a risk management concept should contain the following elements:
  • identification and assessment of risks (risk analysis)
  • risk aggregation and capital cost calculation
  • optimisation of the risk handling
  • organisational conception of risk management systems and monitoring
  • implementation of a modern IT support
Business activity without risk is unimaginable. Consequently, the optimised handling of risks in terms of a functioning risk management system represents a central factor of success.
As system house for risk solutions the Funk Gruppe provides consulting services in all ques-tions of the extended risk management, as well. In order to meet the new demands, Funk - in cooperation with Funk RMCE GmbH - offers a software-supported solution which complies with all requirements of a modern and integrated risk management system.
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As business consulting company specialised in business risk management which has been established as a consultant, solution provider and coach for companies of all classes of busi-ness and sizes for more than 10 years, we are your competent and reliable contact in all risk matters and support you when methodically establishing practicable risk management sys-tems or when optimising already existing systems.

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