Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Funk Client Net

As a Funk client, you can access your current company, policy, and damage information conveniently via the Internet with the Funk Client Net.

What does the Funk Client Net offer you?

  • Effective support for the risk management process
  • Applicable to both national and international policies
  • Structured presentation of policy and damage data
  • Streamlined communications channels through simplified data exchange
  • Time and cost savings through primarily paperless processing
  • Personal access to data anytime

Funk Client Net Features

  • Clearly laid out display of your current insurance information
    (insured amounts or amounts of coverage, agreed deductibles,
    locations insured, scopes of application, insured shipments, co-insured, statistics, damage rates, etc.)
  • Detailed presentation of your damage information
    (overview of damage, individual view of events of damage, regulation information)
  • Targeted breakdown of your damage in table and graphic format
  • Convenient damage download for individual further processing, e.g., in Excel
  • Rapid determination of your Funk contact person, with contact information and a link to the e-mail address
  • Extensive protection from unauthorized access to your data
    (two-step authentication system with changing access codes, firewall, SSL 128-bit encryption, monitoring and logging of all processes, user-specific access rights)