Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Actuarial Service

Consulting and advising on company pension funds via balance sheet reserves; insurance-mathematical surveys.

Our spectrum of services extends from the setting up of the pension fund through to the reorganisation of such, arranging of actuarial surveys for tax- and trade balance sheets according to national and international accounting principles, further to the assessment of pension responsibilities following the purchase or sale of companies.

Analysis of cash flow and the description of alternative financing methods of pension responsibilities supported by financial institutions as well as fixed contribution plans or the setting-up of employee funded plans are all part of our service catalogue.

The expression "corporate pension scheme" does not only include the employer's obligation to pay a pension for the old age, invalidity-, or benefits to dependents, but also  
  • social and early retirement benefits 
  • Anniversary payments  
  • Continued salary payments following death 
  • Seniors' part time agreements

Activities and services of Funk Aktuar GmbH

  • Delivery of actuary reports not only according to German regulations but also according to American, English, Austrian or other regulations
  • Valuation for Mergers & Acquisitions activities
  • Elaboration of social plans 
  • Projection of the drain on liquidity resulting from the corporate retirement scheme out of pension reserves out of current annuity payments
  • Alternative possibilities to feature the corporeate retirement scheme and optimizing of the latter to reduce costs by offering options of financing and calculating with adequate reinsurance contract.
  • Introduction of new pension schemes
  • Possibilities of international pooling
  • Individual advice of employees and management how to feature their retirement pension (on social, corporate and private basis)
  • Individual support in case of lawsuits related to retirement pension (e.g.divorce, indemnification, etc.)
  • Support in case of conflicts with the employees' council tax inspection/tax and revenue office/authority employees/pensioners   
  • Determination of the necessary current adjustments of pension
  • Delivery of the obligatory nonforfeiture certificates
  • Computation of the company-financed pension for new pension cases
  • Delivery of superannuation security certificates and statistical inquiries
  • Elaboration of special rates for defined employee segments with life insurance
  • Valuation of obligations resulting from anniversary boni and allowances in kind
  • Information of all employees on the current state of the corporate retirement scheme
  • Introduction of additional possibilities of the corporate retirement scheme group insurance on employee-basis deferred compensation
  • Continuous service of clients and pension schemes also at place e.g. by adjustment of the pension law to amendments, respectively judgements offering new options of featuring the pension scheme
  • Support in case of bankcruptcy, respectively liquidation of a company

Additionally the Funk Group offers

  • Individual consultation to employees and management regarding pension schemes on a compulsory as well as on a corporate or private level
  • Individual support in case of legal conflicts relating to pension plans, e.g. in case of divorce and dismissal settlements etc.
  • Support in case of conflicts with the works committee, internal audit or accountants, employees and pensioners

Our service includes:

  • Calculation of the legally required pension adjustments
  • Preparation of regulated UV-Bescheide for ex-employees
  • Calculation of corporate pension entitlements for new pensioners
  • Information regarding the up-to-date corporate pension entitlement for employee
  • Insolvency protection through the central "PSV"-fund