Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Entrepreneurial independence

- what we want and what we expect from it -

  • We want to be a self-determining company – sensing and radiating the charm of a free and independent company.
  • We want to act in an entrepreneurial way – as both entrepreneur and intrapreneur, wherever our place.
  • We want to accept responsibility – meeting our obligations, be they professional, social or private.
  • We want to create/maintain a creative, professional environment – liberating new stimuli and powers.
  • We expect that “independence” means more directness and efficiency, emotionally attracting qualified staff, customers and suppliers, above and beyond all matters factual.
  • We expect to devote our pooled value-added energy to the customer rather than having to concentrate on dispassionate shareholders, analysts, supervisory authorities, fund managers, banks etc..

- what does our desire for independence oblige us to do -

  • We are obliged to contribute to the success of the company within the framework of our demanding, professional code.
  • We are obliged to unfurl our company’s dynamic potential and efficiency under our own steam. In this way we will be able to employ the “benefits of risk” in an advantageous way to meet the concerns of our company.
  • We are obliged to act with care and forethought. This concerns both large and small matters and includes the ability to say “No” to certain temptations, especially when risks jeopardize our self-determination.
  • We are obliged, with the help of others or on our own initiative, to progress learning and further education so that we not only meet the quality requirements of the marketplace on time and with an eye to the future, but even surpass them.
  • We are obliged to create lasting and stable shareholder and management conditions as solicitous calm is crucial at these levels, having its own intrinsic value as well as being of cardinal importance to cohesion, entrepreneurial objective-finding and independence.