Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Company continuity

- what we want and expect -

  • We want long-term relations for our company, at all levels, no exit strategy, because a lively and successful company especially after several generations is a treasure worthy of protection in its own right. We want to foster virtues upon which continuity (shareholders, employees, customers, suppliers) is based and permitted to flourish. This mainly includes credibility / loyalty, foresight and precautionary, thoughtful management, especially in the way we deal with one another.
  • We want a company where partnership principles are not only preached but internalised in its structures, that is to say where company management and partnership are one and the same thing. Because such a combination brings stability and reliability to the company.
  • We want to earn customer loyalty through performance, win new customers and thus contribute to company continuity. For us, the multi-generation model is simply normal.
  • We want to ensure that independence, continuity and professionalism in the way we present ourselves to the customer are all irrevocably associated with the Funk brand.
  • We expect company continuity to be best assured within the context of an expanded family enterprise, that it can give employees a home from home, that it fosters creativity and spurs people on to doing ever better.


- what we are obliged to do -

  • We are obliged to rate the whole more highly than individual interests.
  • We are obliged to increase the value of the company, to pass it on to our successors and to maintain a suitable basic attitude over the coming generations.
  • We are obliged to foster talents and individuals and to bring on management trainees, preferably, though not always, from within the company.
  • We are obliged to conduct ourselves in a well-balanced and modest way in our market presentation, and yet self-confidently fly our flag.
  • We are obliged to keep together our partnership capital rather than to disperse it. And we are equally obliged to make the sky the limit when it comes to fostering or attracting exceptional entrepreneurial leaders.