Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Company culture

Company culture is more than a mere aspect crucial to a company’s ability to compete, it is also akin to something like the “soul” of the company, with strong emotional appeal.

It is thus a highly significant element in every company’s branding and image creation effort, requiring authenticity and staying power.

As a multi-generation enterprise, the Funk Group has more than 125 years of success to look back on. This success story is part of what shapes our company culture, of what makes it unique and keeps our gaze firmly on the future.

To make our culture tangible to new employees and business partners we have defined the basics of Funk company principles, crystallized as maxims indicating our wants, our expectations and, logically, our obligations, if we are to succeed in keeping alive our fundamental values:

“entrepreneurial independence and continuity”

over the long-term. The following sets these out in condensed form.