Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service


Our competence and independence enables us to advise you objectively, when optimizing your risk solutions. You receive the necessary freedom to act and make decisions based upon our advice in Germany, Europe and worldwide.

Quality Service
  • Risk identification and mapping
  • Loss prevention measures
  • Ascertaining of risk retention and the scope of risk management
  • Tailor-made risk solution concepts
  • Optimising risk transfer and/or alternative risk financing
  • Maintaining and consolidating insurance terms
  • Competitive conditions
  • Permanent service and critical review of the risks
  • Claims and loss settlement analysis
  • Continuous and systematic information
  • Annual reporting, documentation, protocol
  • Special services.e.g.
    Public tender
    Risk consulting for holistic risk management systems


More than 900 employees - at your service
  • Insurance specialists
  • Lawyers
  • Engineers
  • Economists
  • IT-specialists
  • Mathematicians
  • Fire safety experts
  • Risk Management Consultants
  • Employee Benefit Consultants
  • Art Experts

Creative Solutions

  • Conventional products can be part of the solutions eg:
  • ART
  • Captives
Additional Costs of working . All risk . Exhibition insurance . Bankers Blanket Bond . Construction insurance . Contractor liability insurance . Construction insurance . Professional liability . Pensions . General liability insurance . Bid bonds . Container insurance . Contingency risks . Contractors All Risk . D & O liability . Burglary insurance . Electronic Insurance . Employer's Liability . Errection All Risk . Excess Liability Insurance .. Fire Business Interruption insurance . Fire insurance . Guarantee insurance . Glass insurance . Group accident Insurance . Legal Aid Insurance . Bail Bond Insurance . Credit Insurance . Refrigeration Insurance . Motor Insurance . Health Insurance . Life Insurance . Marine Insurance . Consequential Loss Insurance . Machinery Breakdown Insurance . Additional Costs Insurance . Loss of Rent Insurance . Construction Business Interruption Insurance . Multi Line Insurance. Offshore Risks Insurance . Performance Bonds . Political Risks . Product Liability Insurance . Product Recall Insurance . Product Tamper Insurance . Kidnap and Ransom Insurance . Legal Aid Insurance . Cargo Insurance . Space Risks . Power Supply Insurance . Storm Insurance . Environmental Liability Insurance . Accident Insurance . Valoren Insurance . Financial Loss Liability Insurance . Errors and Omission Insurance . Workmen's Compensation . Wrap ups . Fraud Insurance etc...


Building relationships with corporate clients, brokers and insurers based on trust and reliability is one of the fundamental pillars of our business ethics. In fact the "partnership" principle has ensured our substantial and consistent organic growth since the foundation of our group in 1879.

Our position in the market is proactive rather than simply following trends, whilst remaining acutely conscious of our responsibility towards our partners as being reliable and trustworthy. Intelligent communication and the experience of growing together in a win win situation is naturally a fundamental component of such.