Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

The Funk Foundation

Established by Funk associate Dr Leberecht Funk and his wife Maritta as a non-profit foundation, the Funk Foundation supports scientific, practical projects in the areas of risk management and, in particular, insurance career training, as well as cultural projects.

The objective of the Foundation is to support research, training and practical projects that focus on risk and insurance management. Alongside targeted project support, the Foundation will present awards and organize specialist events. The key funds will be used to enhance further development of risk models and career training in the insurance industry over the long term. Multinational and cross-border projects are also carried out. As the world grows ever more volatile and interconnected, a more comprehensive understanding of risks and new collaborations and management methods are required to provide companies and people sufficient planning security for their business activities. This is where the Funk Foundation comes in, supporting the required research and training with a solid focus on practical applications.

In terms of its cultural activities, the Foundation aims to make classical music that is less well known due to commercial reasons available to a wider audience. In this context, artistic minds and interdisciplinary projects can receive targeted support.

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Hendrik Löffler, Chairman of the Management Board, Funk Foundation