Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

The Funk Alliance is the international partner network of 300 offices in over 100 different countries, operated by Funk. As the only broker network run from Germany, The Funk Alliance offers European clients the advantage of being able to act quickly and directly. The Funk Alliance draws upon a wealth of experience obtained in over 40 years which enables Funk to operate on a consistently high level of quality worldwide.

The identity of the Funk Alliance is determined by its open structure: We are able to select the individually most suitable pre-qualified Funk Alliance partner for the local market in question. Selection criteria include among others proximity to customers, the specific client profile, expertise required and the expectations of the company’s local subsidiaries. Of course, customers are allowed to express their own preferences, as part of this selection process. The flexibility of this system makes it possible to draw on expertise from around the world, to benefit the client. Rather than having rigid structures, we allow diversity in the interests of our clients in order to achieve the objectives we have jointly defined.

Funk Alliance partners are chosen according to their specific expertise, local reputation and service quality. The brokers pursue similar targets in terms of knowledge, experience, service quality and compliance. Definite regulations in the fields of governing managerial authority, controlling and clear responsibilities ensure that The Funk Alliance almost acts like a single company.

Reporting is conducted worldwide using the proprietary FACT (Funk Alliance Connect) software application we have developed. All Funk Alliance partners are connected to the system that ensures uniform reporting and meets all transparency requirements.

We have been successfully working with several Alliance partner firms for many years. This reflects that continuity is a central value of our corporate culture which also refers to our business partners.