Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

Investment with guaranteed profit

In the field of financial institutions, such as banks and unit trusts, the Funk Group has built up substantial specialist know-how.

We have for example developed a tailor-made insurance programme for smaller banking institutes concentrating on the national market. These programmes comprise: Bankers Blanket Bond, fidelity insurance, financial loss liability as well as general third party liability and D&O insurance. Naturally solutions for cheque and credit card risks as well as for the transport of share certificates and cash are available.

For international banking institutes and unit trusts we offer the complete range from Bankers Blanket Bond to global programmes.

The same applies to unit trust organizations; where the principal area is the prospectus exposure. Special financial loss solutions for capital investment organizations which are subject to KAGG (local legal regulations) have been developed

For the commercial real estate segment we have developed unique real estate insurance concepts which are based on a close cooperation and intensive exchange of ideas with the real estate industry in order to cover the needs of this industry.

We provide global programmes and services for the international players in the real estate market which guarantee a global uniform insurance cover for the investor's entire real estate projects via DIC/DIL-conditions (difference in conditions/difference in limits cover).