Funk Group and Lockton to expand collaboration on insurance service

You can build on our know-how

Funk manages more than 1 mio. condominium units as well as industrial centers, real estate unit trusts and major construction sites and is therefore the leading insurance broker in this area. In order to control risks associated with the buildings and managed real estate units of communal real estate companies, independent real estate companies or cooperatives, the Funk Group has developed extensive risk management concepts. Real estate companies also face special liability exposures which may occur when the respective company provides technical expertise such as construction management, or architectural design. We develop special solutions for such risks.

Industrial centres and major building sites are frequently large investments. Factors which may have an influence on a successful project management are far-reaching. Even minor divergences may have serious consequences and endanger the entire project. The Funk Group's unique solutions are therefore designed to provide comprehensive coverage for these risks both efficiently and cost-effectively.